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Tanner Hall

Tanner Hall is a seven-time X Games Gold Medalist and a four-time X Games silver medalist. He has an extensive collection of hardware for competing in all three disciplines, Big Air, Slopestlye and Superpipe. He also has an impressive number of award winning films and features to further prove his excellence. However, through all of his success, he has always remained true to himself and the sport, it is his main goal and the message he tries to pass on to everyone surrounding him. Tanner grew up skiing at Whitefish Resort in Montana. He skied moguls and aerials until he was fifteen, then made his big move out to Park City, Utah where he pursued his career as a freeskier. He began winning competitions left and right, there was no stopping Tanner Hall. Although he has faced more than a few injuries while skiing, he continues to return to the slopes and the backcountry ready to dominate. It is safe to say that Tanner Hall is one of the most innovative and influential skiers in the game.

In 2002, Hall co-founded the freeride ski brand, Armada, alongside skier JP Auclair and photographer Chris O’Connell. His pro model ski, the Magic J, has been a staple in the Armada line for years. Tanner was also one of the founders of Inspired Media Concepts. Him and his buddy, Eric Iberg, a ski filmmaker, created the production company in order to start their foundation for the annual films they aimed to produce. Tanner has been featured in more award winning ski films than you can count. Some of his most popular films are Like A Lion, Happy Dayz, Ring The Alarm and Pop Yer Bottlez. Tanner has accomplished everything there is to do in the park and pipe and he continues to dominate and innovate in the backcountry. In 2019 he will be competing in his first backcountry competition, the Freeride World Tour.


  1. Seven Time X Games Gold Medalist
  2. Four Time X Games Silver Medalist
  3. 2018 Powder Awards Best Air
  4. 2009 Powder Awards Male Skier of the Year

Featured in numerous award winning ski films, a few being, Believe, The Massive, Like A Lion, Ring the Alarm Media

Like A Lion

“Be Yourself” | Powder Awards Acceptance Speech

GoPro Ski Diaries

X Games Gold | 2008 Superpipe